keySports:Gaming vs MGK [score: 36-8 défaite]

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keySports:Gaming vs MGK [score: 36-8 défaite]

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I´m ShooterFX5 from the Team, keySports:Gaming ...
I have spoken about a Funwar, with Boubisis :smile:

So Details of our Clan :wink:
We are a young Team, consist of Speed World Racing Team(SWRT) & Keysports(keys).
I´m from the old SWRT Team, and we have fused with keys to keySports:Gaming ...
I will post our new Homepage here, later when it is ready.

Ok now the Matchfacts:
Opponent: keySports:Gaming
ClanShortcut: keyS
Matchdate: 16.09.2007 20:00
Kind of Match: Funwar
Kind of Play: alternative Teamrounds, Pointlimit 6
XonX: 5on5
Maps: 3Maps each Team
Warserver: keyS*War in Germany (GER)
Waradmin: ShooterFX5

U can contact me over:

ICQ: 288334207

I´m looking forward to our Match and think it will be a good one :wink: hf & gl.


Les maps du match:
T'es knick:
Tech experiment:
Electrical Sens:

Tech for dummies:
Stunt Woman:
XXL-Shorttrack 8: